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In Defense of Simple Architectures (2022)

6 hour(s) ago

The article highlights the success of Wave, a company that has built a highly successful CRUD app using a simple monolith architecture in Python on top of Postgres. Despite facing challenges with async frameworks and data residency laws, the company has been able to scale to a high level of traffic and maintain cost-efficiency. They have made some choices that may not be the simplest, but have been tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. The company also discusses their use of a custom protocol and Kubernetes for expansion, showcasing the benefits of keeping their architecture simple.

Top three comments:

### The commenter reflects on their early career experience with a coworker who constantly added new technology to projects without considering its usefulness. They have seen this trend continue in their career, with projects being completed solely for the sake of adding a trendy technology to a resume. They give an example of a company using AWS for a project, only to switch to a different platform due to high costs. The commenter argues that practical and effective work may not be flashy, but it is important.

Author: zer00eyz

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing the use of microservices in engineering and their potential benefits. They argue that microservices are not primarily a performance strategy, but rather a potential cost-saving strategy and a way to coordinate engineering efforts. They also mention that having multiple replicas of a monolith or microservices may not make a difference in performance unless there is a need to underscale certain parts of the application. The cost savings from using microservices only become significant at large scales, and having too many replicas can actually

Author: from-nibly

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing a recent tech conference where there were multiple talks about complex microservice-based architectures, but none about building a simple monolith. They mention a favorite talk about microservices by David Schmitz, which they found entertaining and informative as he discusses his mistakes with microservices. They also provide a link to the talk for others to watch.

Author: throwaway2037

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

Author: Brajeshwar

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WebKit switching to Skia for 2d graphics rendering

10 hour(s) ago

WebKit is switching to Skia, a third-party library, for 2d graphics rendering in their GTK and WPE ports. This decision was made after reaching the limits of CPU-based improvements and seeing impressive performance results from Skia. The team plans to continue working on the implementation and eventually switch all ports to Skia, with no set deadline or expected regressions.

Top three comments:

### The commenter discusses two recent developments in the animation space. First, they mention that Flutter has released a new engine called Impeller, which is replacing Skia. They express surprise at this change and hope that it works out. The second development is a new animation tool called Rive, which targets multiple platforms and has a CEO named Guido Rosso. The commenter notes that Rosso gave a great interview on School of Motion about their animation-first vector engine. They also provide a link to a

Author: leetrout

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter praises Skia as a great library but criticizes its difficulty to build and constantly changing APIs. They also mention the lack of documentation and transparency in the development process. Despite its downsides, the commenter wishes for a smaller and more user-friendly vector graphics library with GPU acceleration, as Skia is currently the only viable option.

Author: coffeeaddict1

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

### The commenter was interested in learning about the funding of Igalia and found a well-done interview that discussed their structure and partnerships with major browser companies. They were surprised to learn that many engineers from Apple, Google, and Firefox have joined Igalia. The provided link leads to the interview.

Author: vthommeret

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: jessevdk

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Translating OpenStreetMap data to HTML5 Canvas with Rust and WebAssembly

7 hour(s) ago

The author is using Rust and WebAssembly to create 3D maps of Disney World theme parks using OpenStreetMap data. They explain their process of fetching and converting coordinates, as well as optimizing the process by drawing water first and using functions for polygons. The project is still in progress, with a demo available.

Top three comments:

### The commenter praises the author for their clear and detailed guide on setting up a proof-of-concept code. They appreciate that the author has targeted experienced programmers as their audience and that the write-up is both informative and enjoyable. The commenter also mentions the use of Rust, WASM, and an OSM api, and how the visual result is impressive. They acknowledge that the writing may seem simple, but the topic is actually complex and they are grateful to have found the blog and author.

Author: simpaticoder

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter discusses potential visual distortions that can occur when plotting geographic coordinates directly, particularly for parks located far from the equator. They suggest two solutions - reprojecting the data or scaling the longitudinal axis - to ensure accurate distances and minimize distortions. They also provide a link for further information on the length of a degree of longitude.

Author: mxfh

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter explains that the Overpass API uses sets as a fundamental concept and suggests a more efficient way to write the code by replacing the "foreach" statement with a simpler "out" statement. They also clarify the purpose of the "._;>;" stanza, which returns the union of the previous result and its children. The proposed change would make the "out" statement operate on all of the "way[building][!name]" results together instead of each element individually.

Author: maxerickson

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: todsacerdoti

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Microsoft Is Spying on Users of Its AI Tools

2 hour(s) ago

Microsoft and OpenAI have been caught using AI tools to spy on chatbot sessions, raising concerns about privacy and the potential negative consequences of AI being used as a surveillance tool. This discovery also highlights the importance of AI for society's growth and advancement, but also raises questions about the potential misuse of these tools by state actors. The article suggests that measures should be taken to prevent and discourage the use of AI for spying purposes.

Top three comments:

### The commenter suggests that a more accurate headline would be "Microsoft is spying on users." They also claim that it is difficult to install Microsoft products without agreeing to spyware and adware, which are often hidden and difficult to remove. They believe that Microsoft has a history of using deceptive tactics and is constantly finding new ways to collect data from users.

Author: fnordpiglet

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is defending the use of the OpenAI API and arguing that it is not spying, as the terms of service clearly state that API inputs and outputs are only retained for up to 30 days for the purpose of providing services and identifying abuse. They also mention the option for zero data retention for eligible endpoints and provide a source for more information on data handling.

Author: surrTurr

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the title/headline of the article is sensationalized and that it is expected for Microsoft to retain copies of AI chatbot sessions to look for signs of abuse. They do not see any harm in this and believe that Microsoft is doing the right thing by not allowing people to use these tools for malicious purposes. The commenter also suggests that if someone does not want a third-party reading their interactions with an AI, they should build/train their own. They acknowledge that there may be a

Author: kelnos

Posted: 3 minute(s) ago

Author: mikece

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Rotten Apple

5 hour(s) ago

The EU's Digital Markets Act is being enforced, requiring Apple to allow alternative app stores and web browsers on their devices. However, Apple is trying to limit compliance to only EU users, despite the fact that the risks they claim will occur are already present worldwide. This goes against the spirit of the DMA and undermines fair competition, causing frustration and harm to users. The Open Web Advocacy group is encouraging people to submit a response before February 19th, as Apple's actions show a lack of commitment to interop and prioritize control over money.

Top three comments:

### The commenter has an iPad with an Apple Arcade subscription, but they do not use it and recently received an email about a price increase. They want to cancel the subscription, but do not have access to an Apple device or Windows. They have tried to cancel through iCloud and a subscription page, but both require iTunes which they cannot install. After researching, they found out the only way to cancel is by calling Apple in the US. They plan to wait until they have access to their iPad and will

Author: Keyframe

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter expresses frustration with the Appstore connect platform, citing its buggy and slow performance. They mention experiencing difficulties submitting an app and receiving unhelpful responses from Apple, often suggesting to try using Safari. While some issues were resolved, others were not.

Author: wouldbecouldbe

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter found the post to be good, but difficult to read due to a confusing paragraph about building web apps and the European Union. They suggest introducing the intention before giving instructions on creating a PDF.

Author: rickdeckard

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

Author: schalkneethling

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DJI – The ART of obfuscation

10 hour(s) ago

This article discusses the use of a modified SecNeo packer in the DJI Pilot Android app to protect its code from analysis. The packer contains countermeasures to prevent dynamic tools, but these can be bypassed. The article also explores methods for unpacking the DEX files and reveals a second bytecode protection mechanism involving encryption and a substitution table.

Top three comments:

### The commenter shares their experience of reverse engineering a controller's protocol 10 years ago in order to use it for drone simulators on their PC. They discovered that the controller's software could read stick positions and used this information to emulate their readings as an Xbox controller using a joystick library. They also provide a link to their GitHub repository where they have shared their work.

Author: matsemann

Posted: 7 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is suspicious of DJI, a drone manufacturer, for not listing their Android app on the Play Store and requiring users to side load it. They are curious about the reason behind this and note that the app is available on the App Store for iOS users. They mention the upcoming DMA (Digital Millennium Act) as a possible reason for the discrepancy.

Author: sagz

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

### The US Department of Defense banned the use of DJI drones in 2020 due to security concerns, and it is likely that this ban will be extended to all federal agencies this year. This decision was made in response to the government's requirement to purchase drones made in America.

Author: Fb24k

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: PaulHoule

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Stonelifting Etiquette

6 hour(s) ago

Stonelifting etiquette emphasizes responsibility and respect for the stones and their cultural significance. It is important to research and plan ahead before attempting to lift any historic stones, and to avoid using tacky or dropping the stone. Stones should be carefully returned to their original position after lifting, and stonelifters should follow proper etiquette to preserve the culture and community.

Top three comments:

### The commenter emphasizes the importance of returning weights to their proper place at the gym, sharing a personal experience at a high-end gym in Orlando where plates were left scattered on the floor. They express disappointment and urge others to leave the gym equipment in better condition than they found it, using it as a metaphor for life.

Author: brodouevencode

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is surprised to see their project, liftingstones.org, featured on Hacker News. They are willing to answer any questions about the project.

Author: db39

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter shares a personal experience of getting angry with a friend who lifted a historic stone at an anthropological site in Japan without permission. They provide the name and location of the site.

Author: gillesjacobs

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

Author: Kaibeezy

Num of comments: 58

Score: 168

Hetzner GPU Server

5 hour(s) ago

Hetzner Online offers a variety of products, including servers and storage boxes. Non-clients can transfer servers or storage boxes from other clients using the designated transfer sites. The company also has a server auction where used servers can be bid on at discounted prices.

Top three comments:

### A fellow hackernews user suggests that the cost of a brand new Dell precision PC with high specs is around $2.5k and it costs a significant amount in electricity to run it. They also mention that the hardware may only last for 3 years before encountering issues and that renting a similar PC from Hetzner for less than $100 per month may be a better option due to lower costs and less hassle with hardware failures and updates.

Author: aborsy

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter has ordered a server to experiment with and is in the process of setting up their own internal server for work. They anticipate that the performance may not be as good as a 4090 server, but they are interested in seeing how it compares. The order has been accepted but not yet deployed, and the commenter will update with performance numbers once they have them.

Author: petercooper

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is sharing information about a server auction where GPU servers have been available for some time. They provide a link to the auction and note that currently only GTX 1080s are available, but they are unsure if other GPUs are typically available as well.

Author: SushiHippie

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

Author: matteocontrini

Num of comments: 86

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AI your home on street view

7 hour(s) ago

Panoramai and Dutch Cycling Lifestyle are new tools that use AI to alter Google Maps Street View images, allowing users to change the appearance of their neighborhood. Street Galleries, a Google Arts & Culture project, also allows users to decorate cities on Street View with works of art from museums around the world.

Top three comments:

### The commenter suggests that using a tool to visualize streets with less traffic, cycle lanes, and street vendors could be useful in influencing decision makers and the public to see new possibilities. They also mention a Dutch website already doing something similar and express excitement about the potential for "normal people" to have a say in urban planning without needing professional architects. They criticize the use of optimistic 3D renders to sway public opinion in favor of projects and believe that this tool could be a way for the public to

Author: matsemann

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter desires an AI that can smoothly transition between different perspectives in Street View, as they often struggle with navigation when moving between locations.

Author: amelius

Posted: 12 minute(s) ago

### The commenter initially believed that a service was suspended because generating images was too costly, but it turns out that the issue was actually due to exceeding Google Maps' quota.

Author: dudefeliciano

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

Author: chippy

Num of comments: 45

Score: 159

Web Scraping in Python – The Complete Guide

2 hour(s) ago

This tutorial teaches how to use Python and libraries like BeautifulSoup for web scraping, covering necessary setup and best practices for large scale scraping. It also discusses techniques for avoiding being blocked while scraping, such as using throttling and proxies. The tutorial also mentions the use of Proxies API and Python libraries for efficient and reliable scraping at scale.

Top three comments:

### The commenter suggests that many guides on web scraping overlook the importance of separating the crawling and scraping steps. They share their own experience of combining these steps and later realizing they had missed important information, resulting in the need to redo the entire process. They recommend doing these steps separately so that if changes need to be made to the scraper, it can be easily rerun on previously crawled data instead of starting from scratch.

Author: zopper

Posted: 28 minute(s) ago

### The commenter highly recommends using Playwright for Python web scraping, stating that it is the most powerful and well-designed browser automation tool they have ever used. They also mention using it for their own CLI tool, which allows for scraping web pages from the command line using JavaScript to extract JSON data. They provide a link to their tool for others to check out.

Author: simonw

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter shares their frustration with tedious web scraping work and their solution of using LLMs to automate the process. They believe that AI should handle repetitive and uncreative tasks like web scraping. They explain how they use LLMs to generate web scrapers and adapt to website changes, making the process more efficient. They also mention using multiple small AI agents to handle different sub-tasks in the workflow. The main challenge they faced was scaling this process for thousands of websites, but they were able

Author: hubraumhugo

Posted: 58 minute(s) ago

Author: anticlickwise

Num of comments: 58

Score: 151

Bad property debt exceeds reserves at largest US banks

4 hour(s) ago

The largest banks in the US are facing a concerning issue as their bad property debt exceeds their reserves. This could potentially lead to financial instability and highlights the importance of expert analysis and insight from industry leaders, such as the Financial Times.

Top three comments:

### The commenter shared a link to an archived webpage and did not provide any further information or context.

Author: k2enemy

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the current financial situation should be allowed to play out without government intervention, even if it means banks taking losses. They argue that previous bailouts have not helped the average citizen and have only taught banks that they can take risks without consequences.

Author: no_wizard

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The comment clarifies that the headline is discussing loss reserves, not total capital. It explains that when a bank makes a loan that is not performing well, it records a liability in the form of a loss reserve. The article suggests that banks should increase their loss reserves, but it is not claiming that a specific bank, such as JPMorgan, is exceeding its capital reserves.

Author: JumpCrisscross

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

Author: globalise83

Num of comments: 223

Score: 150

Yulia Navalnaya’s X account was suspended

4 hour(s) ago

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, had her social media account on platform X suspended and then restored after the Anti-Corruption Foundation tagged Elon Musk in a post asking for an explanation. This incident raises questions about the platform's guidelines and the acceptance of political views. Yulia Navalnaya continues to fight for her husband's cause and calls on the Kremlin to release his body for a proper burial, while the US announces new sanctions against Russia in response to Navalny's death.

Top three comments:

### A social media platform has restored the account of Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, after initially suspending it. This news was reported by CNBC on February 20, 2024.

Author: belter

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the recent story about Twitter automatically suspending accounts with a high number of reports is not significant. They argue that it is a common tactic for companies to reduce their workload and that it may be open to abuse. However, they also believe that any issues will likely be resolved quickly and that social networks often use similar tactics to decrease the workload for moderators.

Author: SilverBirch

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the Twitter account of Yulia Navalnaya, a fellow hackernews enjoyer, is not suspended based on the provided link.

Author: andsoitis

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

Author: nickcotter

Num of comments: 91

Score: 107

UI Is a Function of Your Organization

5 hour(s) ago

UI is not just about the design and functionality of a website, but also about the capabilities and limitations of the organization behind it. The Domino's "Pizza Tracker" is a great example of a UI that may not accurately reflect the reality of the organization's processes. Startups are better equipped to create radical UIs that match their capabilities, while larger organizations may struggle to deliver on the promises made by their UI. Ultimately, UI is a function of the organization and can only be as good as its capabilities.

Top three comments:

### The commenter reflects on the unrealistic expectations and mismatches in UI design, particularly for those who have worked in organizations in the past. They mention that processes used to be paper-driven and involved passing documents between departments, and this should be considered when designing UIs. They emphasize the importance of understanding the company structure and domain in order to create a sensible design.

Author: hcarvalhoalves

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter used to believe that Apple had the best user interfaces, but now feels that they have strayed from their focus on quality and functionality. They attribute this change to the departure of Steve Jobs, who prioritized functionality over aesthetics. They criticize Apple's current yearly redesign policy, which they feel has resulted in hidden and awkward features. They find it ironic that Apple is forcing these changes, which they believe have made the user experience worse.

Author: exabrial

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing the concept of "you ship your org chart," which means that the structure and hierarchy of an organization can greatly impact its success. They mention that this applies to both outbound (selling) and inbound (buying) processes, particularly when dealing with large organizations. They argue that bloated and dysfunctional organizations with long sales cycles tend to buy from similar organizations, and this can make it difficult for startups to sell to them.

Author: vonnik

Posted: 19 minute(s) ago

Author: damethos

Num of comments: 61

Score: 94

SSDs Have Become Fast, Except in the Cloud

1 hour(s) ago

The author discusses the rapid advancements in SSD technology, specifically in terms of throughput and capacity, in the commodity market. However, they note that major cloud vendors, such as AWS and Azure, have not kept up with these advancements and are still offering SSDs with significantly lower performance. The author speculates on possible reasons for this stagnation, including concerns about device failure and disruption of existing storage services. They hope to see faster and cheaper NVMe instances in the cloud in the near future.

Top three comments:

### The commenter discusses a significant technical issue they encountered while working at Google, which they believe has a major impact on the direction of technology. They explain that in cloud systems, solid-state drives (SSDs) are connected over a network, which is much slower than a local SSD and affects performance. This was not an issue with traditional hard drives, but with the rise of SSDs, it has become a problem.

Author: pclmulqdq

Posted: 37 minute(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing the launch of new NVMe instance types, but notes that the performance has not increased despite the launch of i4i and im4gn. They mention that AWS marketing claims otherwise, citing specific numbers for random write and read IOPS, as well as sequential write and read speeds. They also provide a link to an AWS blog post discussing the launch of these new instances.

Author: zokier

Posted: 34 minute(s) ago

### The commenter is recommending UpCloud's block storage product, citing its fast MaxIOPS feature. They provide a link to the product page for more information.

Author: pkstn

Posted: 34 second(s) ago

Author: greghn

Num of comments: 79

Score: 89