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Simon Riggs has died

9 hour(s) ago

Simon Riggs, a prominent figure in the Mastodon community, has passed away. To access the Mastodon web application, JavaScript must be enabled or users can use one of the native apps available for their platform.

Top three comments:

### The commenter had worked with the person who recently passed away at a small consulting company in the 90's. They remember him as a determined and hardworking individual. Although they lost touch, they would occasionally see each other at conferences. The commenter sends their condolences to the person's loved ones.

Author: percivalPep

Posted: 3 minute(s) ago

### The commenter met Simon in Tokyo in 2009 at a birthday event for the Japan PostgreSQL User Group. They last saw each other in Prague three months ago and discussed life and the Postgres Europe conference. The commenter is saddened by Simon's sudden passing and sends condolences to his family and friends.

Author: ioltas

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter had a positive experience meeting Simon at a PostgreSQL conference where they were both speaking. Simon gave them advice about not worrying about being entertaining and instead focusing on getting their points across, which the commenter found reassuring.

Author: tlocke

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

Author: ajdude

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Score: 770

Backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to SSH server compromise

1 hour(s) ago

A backdoor in the upstream xz/liblzma software has been discovered, potentially allowing for compromise of SSH servers. The Open Source Software Security Wiki and Wikipedia provide resources for understanding and properly formatting mailing list messages.

Top three comments:

### The author of the comment had a frustrating experience with the apparent author of a backdoor in the xz project. They were in communication for several weeks trying to add a new version to Fedora, and even worked together to fix a valgrind issue that was later discovered to be caused by the backdoor. The author had to rush to fix the problem after accidentally breaking an embargo. The backdoor author had been part of the xz project for 2 years and had added various binary test

Author: rwmj

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing how openssh does not directly use liblzma, but some distributions patch it to support systemd notification, which requires libsystemd and therefore increases the risk of supply chain attacks. They express frustration with systemd for making the notification protocol more complicated than necessary.

Author: agwa

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter provides some key information for those who are concerned about the recent security issue with liblzma5. They mention that a recent version of liblzma5 (5.6.0 or 5.6.1) was added in the last month and may not be available on non-rolling release distros. They also note that the issue seems to only affect Debian or RPM based distros on x86_64 architecture and is specific to Linux. Additionally, they mention that

Author: bonyt

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

Author: rkta

Num of comments: 190

Score: 604

OpenVoice: Versatile instant voice cloning

10 hour(s) ago

OpenVoice is a versatile instant voice cloning approach that can replicate a reference speaker's voice and generate speech in multiple languages with granular control over voice styles, including emotion, accent, rhythm, pauses, and intonation. It is also computationally efficient and can clone voices in languages not included in the training set. The technical report and source code are available for reference.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is surprised that no one has tried running the program locally on Hacker News. They followed the instructions and were able to get the demo running, which was faster and used less resources than another program they had tried. They also edited the demo to allow for longer text and found that it was even faster. They provide a link to a sample of the default voice reading their comment. They mention that they had to write out acronyms for the program and that the voice clarity is better than

Author: randkyp

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is questioning the potential uses of a certain technology and expressing concern about its potential for unethical or harmful applications. They mention examples such as pornography, identity theft, and deception through voice manipulation. They also suggest a potential positive use for the technology, but doubt that it would be enough to justify its development.

Author: tonnydourado

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter notes that OpenVoice is currently ranked second-to-last in the Huggingface TTS arena leaderboard, which can be viewed on the provided link. They mention that it is significantly lower than other options such as styletts2 and xtts2.

Author: thorum

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

Author: ulrischa

Num of comments: 192

Score: 327

Group buys up large tracts of land in Romania to create 'European Yellowstone'

3 hour(s) ago

A philanthropist is buying land in Romania to create a protected area called "the European Yellowstone" to preserve virgin forests and promote ecotourism. The project has faced challenges in gaining support from local authorities and communities, but has successfully acquired 27,027 hectares and aims to reach 200,000 hectares. The foundation has implemented innovative measures, such as reintroducing bison and building electric fences, to protect wildlife and revitalize the area.

Top three comments:

### The commenter expresses surprise at the existence of bison in Europe and shares a link to an article about their reintroduction in Mexico. They then provide a correct link to an article about bison being rewilded in the Carpathians, highlighting the success of the rewilding program.

Author: Fricken

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is impressed by the large population of bears in Romania, which accounts for 60% of all European brown bears. They are happy to see efforts being made to preserve this population. They also provide a link for more information on the topic.

Author: keiferski

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that having more national parks is beneficial, but points out that there is already a large and important one in Europe called Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park in Belarus, which is home to a significant population of European buffalo.

Author: HarHarVeryFunny

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

Author: geox

Num of comments: 111

Score: 133

Managing Linux Servers with Cockpit

10 hour(s) ago

Cockpit is a user-friendly and regularly updated web-based tool for managing Linux systems, with features such as system health monitoring, service and user management, and a web-based terminal. It is secure and does not require any privileged support services, making it a preferred option over other tools like Webmin.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is sharing a tool called OliveTin that allows non-technical individuals to perform limited administrative tasks on a Linux machine. The tool is pre-programmed with a list of actions and creates a simple web interface for the user to use, reducing the need for constant assistance from the commenter. The tool's website is https://www.olivetin.app.

Author: steve_rambo

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter has created a new alternative to Cockpit, a software management tool, using Rust and Qt. They were dissatisfied with how Cockpit worked and wanted to avoid extra daemons or dependencies. The alternative, called Lightkeeper, is modular and only requires an SSH connection to run commands, similar to manual execution. They provide a link to the GitHub page for anyone interested in trying it out.

Author: kalaksi

Posted: 9 hour(s) ago

### The commenter uses cockpit as a read-only interface for their homelab, as everything else is configured through code. They appreciate the easy access to a terminal and the ability to access kvm machines through a web interface.

Author: geemee

Posted: 10 hour(s) ago

Author: jandeboevrie

Num of comments: 33

Score: 100

School absences have ‘exploded’ almost everywhere

6 hour(s) ago

The pandemic has caused a significant increase in student absenteeism, with rates rising from 15% to 26% in public schools. This issue is affecting districts of all sizes and income levels, and is hindering the nation's recovery from pandemic learning losses. Schools are facing challenges in addressing absenteeism, but efforts such as one-on-one coaching programs and building relationships with students and families can help improve attendance.

Top three comments:

### The commenter questions if expectations for attendance have ever been reasonable or safe, stating that in an ideal world, people should not go to work or school when they are sick. They mention that this not only hinders their recovery, but also spreads illnesses. However, they note that many schools and workplaces have released guidance for students and employees to still attend with minor illnesses, and have reduced sick time options during the pandemic.

Author: jawns

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the education system is more focused on statistics and control rather than actually educating students. They argue that missing a few days of school can put a student behind, even though the things they are tested on are not relevant to their actual learning. The commenter also mentions that important skills like curiosity, critical thinking, and teamwork are not measured or prioritized in the education system. They share a personal experience in Germany where students spent their afternoons building a treehouse, which they believe

Author: gravescale

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### A fellow hackernews user discussed their conversation with their high school-aged niece about remote learning during the pandemic. The niece's school has set up infrastructure for remote learning and still offers it as an option, meaning she doesn't have to attend class unless it's required by the school's attendance policy. Despite having a 4.0 GPA, the niece is close to being considered truant. The commenter reflects on their own experience and questions whether they would have attended school if it wasn't mandatory.

Author: mydriasis

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

Author: wallflower

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Score: 92

Two hundred reasons to not use Azure

7 hour(s) ago

The Mastodon web application requires JavaScript to be enabled, but users can also use one of the native apps for their platform.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is frustrated and angry about their organization's PowerBI A1 instance account being cancelled by Azure without explanation. They were able to reopen the account and get the report working, but it was cancelled again, causing their scientific reporting project to come to a halt. They were called back from vacation to try and fix the issue, but even as the "linux guy," they were unable to untangle the mess caused by unhelpful Microsoft support agents. The commenter received an update from the Account

Author: patchtopic

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is frustrated with their current job's decision to switch to Azure for their core product without properly estimating the cost. They have only shipped 5% of the features and are already experiencing high costs for compute and logging. The support from Azure is described as "bottom of the barrel" and the commenter has had negative experiences with third-party support companies. They also mention issues with Azure DevOps and difficulties with separating their SaaS from their company's Entra ID. Overall, the commenter believes

Author: flumpcakes

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is warning others that despite Azure having all the necessary features on paper, using it is a frustrating experience due to numerous issues and inconsistencies. They praise the support provided by Azure, but still highlight the problems they faced while using it, such as frequent server errors, unreliable creation times for virtual machines, and difficulties with Azure ARM and DevOps. They suggest that listing out these issues is a good idea and share some of their own experiences with Azure.

Author: nunez

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

Author: empuxr

Num of comments: 49

Score: 91

Software vendors dump open source, go for the cash grab

8 hour(s) ago

Software vendors are abandoning open source licenses in favor of more profitable options, causing frustration among developers. This trend, exemplified by Redis' recent switch, is driven by a desire to compete with large cloud providers and become billion-dollar companies. This has led to discussions about dropping these programs from Linux distributions and concerns about the impact on the open-source community.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is discussing the recent change in licensing for Redis, a popular database software. They mention that while the source code will still be available for free, cloud service providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will now have to pay to use it. They believe this is fair and criticize articles that do not give a voice to those being reported on. They also provide a link to an article explaining the new licensing.

Author: knallfrosch

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing the value and stability of the Linux kernel as a software project. They suggest that the large number of corporate interests involved may prevent any one entity from taking control and making it proprietary, unlike what has happened with Redis. They wonder if this model can be replicated by other software projects to avoid similar failures.

Author: JonChesterfield

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the project in question should have used the GPL license, but criticizes the use of weaker licenses that rely on trust unnecessarily.

Author: ijxjdffnkkpp

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

Author: isaacfrond

Num of comments: 86

Score: 85


7 hour(s) ago

The SSPL license, introduced by MongoDB, Inc in 2008, restricts the use of their open-source product by requiring the publication of all source code used to provide the product as a service. This license limits competition and innovation in the open-source community and may result in higher prices for customers. Alternative strategies, such as providing high-value support and targeting larger firms, may be more beneficial for open-source projects.

Top three comments:

### The commenter agrees that the SSPL license is not ideal, but understands the reasoning behind it. They also believe that the media's portrayal of Article 13 is sensationalized and not objective. The commenter believes that MongoDB and Elastic did not anticipate AWS repackaging their product and becoming a competitor, and that ethics should have prevented this. They suggest that AWS could have approached the vendors for a partnership instead of causing conflict. The commenter also believes that the criticism of SSPL being created for investors is

Author: giamma

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter expresses their frustration with the fact that people are primarily motivated by making money, which they find to be horrible. However, they acknowledge that one has the choice to not use SSPL projects, just like they can choose not to download freeware closed source software. They argue that the question of whether it is worse for software to not exist at all or to be published under an SSPL license is subjective and can be refuted. They also point out that the author of the post is

Author: endisneigh

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter finds it strange that someone would criticize the SSPL without mentioning the AGPL, which also prioritizes user freedom. They believe this may be because the person simply wants to use free software without contributing back.

Author: dec0dedab0de

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

Author: todsacerdoti

Num of comments: 73

Score: 56

Fiber-optic data transfer speeds hit a rapid 301 Tbps

4 hour(s) ago

Researchers have achieved a record-breaking data transfer speed of 301 terabits per second using existing fiber-optic cables by tapping into a previously unstable transmission band. This breakthrough could potentially increase capacity and alleviate congestion in the future, and could also lead to a quantum internet and faster speeds than Wi-Fi. The team has developed a device that can emulate wider channels, and a satellite for space encryption using light is set to launch in 2025.

Top three comments:

### The commenter admits to having limited knowledge about computer engineering and electronics, but wonders if the technology mentioned could be used within a computer instead of just for communication between computers. They question if the speed of 301 Tbps would be too slow compared to traditional copper wiring used for RAM.

Author: tombert

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is discussing a recent news article about Japan setting a new world record for internet speed. They express that this is not surprising and are eagerly anticipating even faster speeds in the future. They also mention the construction of more undersea cables, which could potentially contribute to faster internet speeds.

Author: ksec

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is wondering why the term "fiber optic" is not as commonly used in big companies' annual reports, as shown by a search on a financial data website.

Author: kyleleelarson

Posted: 36 minute(s) ago

Author: Brajeshwar

Num of comments: 29

Score: 55

Song lyrics getting simpler, more repetitive, angry and self-obsessed – study

7 hour(s) ago

A study found that song lyrics have become simpler, more repetitive, angrier, and more self-obsessed over the past 40 years. This trend is seen across genres and is likely influenced by changes in the music industry and how people consume music. The study also found that rock fans tend to look up lyrics from older songs, possibly indicating a nostalgia for the genre's past. Additionally, songs with more repetitive and basic lyrics are more popular, possibly due to people listening to music more in the background and the ease of memorizing simpler lyrics.

Top three comments:

### The commenter expresses frustration with discussing music with others, as they often encounter judgment and value judgments based on what music people listen to. They also mention their preference for metal and suggest that others may not be familiar with less mainstream musicians.

Author: jihiggins

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter praises the band Amyl and the Sniffers for their simple yet effective music. They provide links to two of their songs, "Guided by Angels" and "Hertz," and mention that achieving simplicity in music can be difficult.

Author: peutetre

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is making a sarcastic remark, implying that they are not the one who is out of touch, but rather the younger generation. They find this humorous.

Author: bluetidepro

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: nabla9

Num of comments: 49

Score: 50

Bartók's Monster – Stalking the dead composer through Transylvania (2013)

5 hour(s) ago

The article explores the life and legacy of composer Béla Bartók, known for his unique and intense music. It follows the author's journey through Transylvania, where Bartók collected traditional folk songs and incorporated them into his compositions. The author also delves into Bartók's personal life and struggles, as well as the challenges and controversies surrounding his preservation of traditional music.

Top three comments:

### The commenter recommends a book called "Avoid the Day" by Jay Kirk, which is about the author's travels in Transylvania. They found it interesting and suggest it to others.

Author: TheRealQueequeg

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter appreciates the quality of the article and thanks the poster for sharing it.

Author: jschveibinz

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter expresses gratitude for the information shared about their region, as they were previously unaware of it.

Author: newprint

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

Author: robtherobber

Num of comments: 8

Score: 48

Thin, bacteria-coated fibers could lead to self-healing concrete

6 hour(s) ago

A Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University is developing BioFiber, a technology that uses bacteria to create self-healing fibers for concrete. These fibers contain a tough core, a hydrogel layer with bacteria, and a damage-responsive outer shell that releases bacteria to fill in cracks with calcium carbonate crystals. While the technology has shown promise, further research and testing is needed before it can be commercialized and used in infrastructure to prevent cracking in concrete.

Top three comments:

### The commenter finds the topic interesting and was curious about its connection to Roman self-healing concrete. They discovered that the method described in the article is a new approach, where capsules of bacteria are used to heal cracks by consuming their food stock. The commenter notes that both the capsule and bacteria used are common and safe.

Author: ericskiff

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is interested in a scientific article about bacteria that can produce calcium carbonate. They are curious about how the bacteria can survive in the harsh conditions of concrete curing and remain viable over long periods of time. They also wonder about the longevity of concrete and how the bacteria may affect it.

Author: beanjuice

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that if the kinks are worked out and the product is brought to market, it could potentially extend the lifespan of concrete. However, they also mention that this is not the first self-healing concrete innovation and compares it to other revolutionary battery technology releases.

Author: Cthulhu_

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

Author: PaulHoule

Num of comments: 8

Score: 48