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OpenAI departures: Why can’t former employees talk?

11 hour(s) ago

OpenAI has experienced resignations from key members of its safety team, sparking speculation about the reasons behind them. Former employees are unable to speak out due to a restrictive off-boarding agreement, raising questions about the company's commitment to safety and transparency. This contradicts OpenAI's stated goal of transforming the world and being accountable for their actions.

Top three comments:

### The commenter suggests that employees affected by a nondisclosure agreement with OpenAI should collaborate and use a language model to generate truthful anecdotes about the company, which cannot be used against them due to OpenAI's legal stance on their models.

Author: mwigdahl

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter suggests that it would be better to change the link in the post to a Vox article that discusses the restrictive off-boarding agreement at OpenAI. The article reveals that former employees are subject to strict non-disclosure and non-disparagement provisions, and can lose their vested equity if they refuse to sign or violate the agreement. One former employee, Daniel Kokotajlo, confirmed publicly that he had to give up a large sum of money in order to quit without signing the document.

Author: jay-barronville

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter suggests that it may be necessary to seek legal counsel due to the potential implications of California SB 331, also known as "The Silenced No More Act". They mention that while the act primarily addresses sexual harassment, it could also apply to other situations, such as contracts that may violate the act. They provide a link to the act's website for further information.

Author: fragmede

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: fnbr

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Thinking out loud about 2nd-gen email

11 hour(s) ago

The author proposes a second-generation email system that prioritizes security and efficiency, suggesting a sender-pays system with reputation management and the use of DKIM to avoid conflicts. They invite counterarguments and share their personal interests and background.

Top three comments:

### The commenter, who runs a large email sending service, has been involved in the complexities and challenges of internet email for over 20 years. They believe that despite its flaws, email is widely adopted and interoperable, making it difficult for any new communication tool to compete. They also point out that the email system has a significant amount of resources and smart people dedicated to solving its problems, making it unlikely for a new system to gain traction. The commenter suggests that anyone proposing a new email system should

Author: ttul

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

### The commenter points out that the article about email issues did not cover all the problems with email, such as ambiguity in headers and the use of ASCII-only headers. They also mention the confusion caused by different email readers and the use of proprietary headers by some systems. They conclude that every aspect of email has annoying problems and any attempt at a new version would face challenges.

Author: perlgeek

Posted: 10 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that emails with a rich HTML view should also come with a text-only version for accessibility, compatibility, and privacy reasons. However, they doubt that this would be effective as the plain text section would likely just prompt users to upgrade their email client. They suggest either using strictly plain text or a Markdown-like formatting spec to avoid the dangers of HTML in emails. They believe that the benefits of HTML in emails are outweighed by the potential for phishing, impersonation, and scams.

Author: Rudism

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: gjsman-1000

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HIV Life Cycle – animated and narrated [video]

11 hour(s) ago

Vimeo.com, Inc. offers a variety of video services to enhance marketing strategies, including branded videos, virtual events, and webinars. These services can also be used to engage employees and generate income through purchases, subscriptions, and courses.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is expressing a mix of fascination and discomfort towards molecular machines, and is wondering if there is a specific word to describe this feeling. They also find the machines to be sinister.

Author: BitwiseFool

Posted: 10 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is asking if there is a compilation of videos similar to the one they saw, and is wondering what search term would be best to find them. They also mention that they come across similar videos once a year and believe there are many more out there showcasing various molecular or biological interactions.

Author: lupyro

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is questioning whether they missed something in the infographic or if the infographic itself is missing information about the placement of viral receptors on the envelope.

Author: rysertio

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: jb1991

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Multi AI agent systems using OpenAI's assistants API

6 hour(s) ago

Experts.js simplifies the usage of OpenAI's Assistants API by providing a framework for creating and deploying Assistants as reusable components called Tools. These Tools can be easily added to an Assistant and have their own thread for better management and avoiding potential thread locking issues. The framework also supports messages with images, streaming responses, and per-assistant metrics, and can be used with Dev Containers by simply importing three objects.

Top three comments:

### The commenter believes that the Assistants API has potential, but has encountered issues with earlier versions, particularly with cost calculation. They explain that the API charges for data storage, API calls, and token usage, but this can become expensive when using large attachments like PDFs. The system chunks the attachments into smaller parts, but this process is not efficient and can inflate costs. The commenter advises others to be aware of these hidden costs and monitor their usage.

Author: yatz

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is curious if anyone is actually using the assistants API and believes it is a disadvantage to be locked into OpenAI's platform when there are more versatile completion options available.

Author: xrendan

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is asking for examples of how people are using Multi AI Agents to solve real-world problems and is curious if anyone has any current projects or applications they can share.

Author: csouzaf

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: metaskills

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ILGPU: Write GPU programs with C# and F#

9 hour(s) ago

ILGPU is a JIT compiler for high-performance GPU programs written in .Net-based languages, offering the flexibility of C++ AMP and the performance of Cuda. It includes a standard library and algorithms, and has a supportive community on Discord. To get started, Visual Studio 2022 or higher and a .NET 6.0 SDK toolchain are required.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is recommending a programming tool called ComputeSharp and has been using it for a few years. They provide a link to the tool's GitHub page.

Author: atonalfreerider

Posted: 4 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is currently taking CUDA courses and has some experience with GPU and CPU optimization in their job. They believe that low level languages like C/C++ are becoming obsolete and it's difficult to improve performance unless working on something completely new. They are curious about the benefits of porting GPU to higher level languages like C# and what potential use cases there may be.

Author: jvanderbot

Posted: 7 hour(s) ago

### The commenter suggests checking out a website called "https://www.fshade.org/", which is a F# domain-specific language for creating shaders.

Author: davidgl

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

Author: neonsunset

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Chrome DevTools now uses Gemini to help with JavaScript Errors in the console

9 hour(s) ago

Chrome DevTools now utilizes Gemini, a tool that provides detailed descriptions of JavaScript errors in the console for web developers. It uses input data and a large language model, but the accuracy of the information may not always be guaranteed. Feedback is encouraged to improve the tool, and users should be aware of potential risks and licensing information.

Top three comments:

### The commenter finds it amusing that there is a prompt injection warning at the bottom of the post. They explain that many LLM applications are vulnerable to this type of abuse, and this particular feature is no exception. They go on to say that it is possible to deceive the LLM into following unintended instructions.

Author: ssahoo

Posted: 9 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is comparing a current situation to Google's past strategy of integrating their social media platform, Google+, into all of their products. They are implying that the current situation feels forced and unnatural, similar to how Google+ was integrated.

Author: sidcool

Posted: 2 hour(s) ago

### The commenter recalls a past experience with Microsoft Office's paperclip feature and compares it to current unrequested AI features.

Author: adamredwoods

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: ssahoo

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I'm Bearish OpenAI

8 hour(s) ago

OpenAI recently announced its latest model, GPT-4o, and is in talks to integrate ChatGPT into the iPhone. However, the author is skeptical about OpenAI's future due to fierce competition from Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, and Meta, who are heavily investing in AI. The author doubts OpenAI's ability to achieve AGI and believes their focus on consumer products may hinder their progress. The demand for chips, crucial for AI development, is compared to the demand for oil, and Big Tech companies dominate the market for devices that use AI.

Top three comments:

### The commenter believes that the AI industry is heading towards a downturn, and not just because of OpenAI. They think that increasing computing power is not improving AI results, and that simply using a larger language model will not solve the issue of reasoning.

Author: msoad

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the downfall of artificial intelligence will be satisfying, but they hope that venture capitalists will suffer the consequences rather than taxpayers or individual investors.

Author: xyst

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter suggests that instead of simply commenting on a submission, it would be more effective to vouch for the author's submission. They provide a link to the submission in question.

Author: gnabgib

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: herbertl

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Wine 9.9 (Dev) – Run Windows Applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and macOS

7 hour(s) ago

The latest version of Wine, 9.9 (Dev), has been released, allowing users to run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris, and macOS. This update is available on GitLab and offers improved compatibility and performance for running Windows programs on alternative operating systems."

Top three comments:

### The commenter enjoys using Wine because it has its own file space that resembles Windows. However, they are unsure if Wine provides isolation and functions as a container, or if executables have full system access. They also ask for a summary of the issues with 32 bit executables on Ubuntu.

Author: geokon

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is questioning the need for running Steam in Wine, as they have found that many Windows games on Steam run flawlessly on Linux through Proton. They also mention that even non-Steam games like Starcraft II can be played on Linux by adding them to Steam and using Proton as the compatibility layer.

Author: porphyra

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is excited about the possibility of Wine being able to run Paint.NET again, as this is the only app that still requires them to use Windows. They provide a link to a bug report discussing this issue.

Author: yodon

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: neustradamus

Num of comments: 40

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Archie, the Internet's first search engine, is rescued and running

9 hour(s) ago

In 2024, The Serial Port channel on YouTube discovered and rescued the last existing copy of Archie, the first search engine created in 1989. The team worked tirelessly to find the code and now runs an actual Archie server, indexing FTP sites and preserving the early Internet for future generations. The creator of Archie, Alan Emtage, gave his blessing to the project, making it a happy ending to a story about archiving the Internet in a relevant way.

Top three comments:

### The commenter reminisces about the early days of the internet when telnet was used as a browser and how fast it was, especially with access to a X.25 PAD. They mention old search engines like Archie, Gopher, and WAIS and how they seem far away now. They also mention discovering a new concept called hyperlinks on a Gopher menu at CERN, but doubts it will catch on.

Author: gerdesj

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter believes that the recent "rescue" of the Archie code is not significant because it has not been made public. They point out that the code could easily become lost again due to technical issues or lack of interest. They also question whether any effort has been made to secure the rights to release the code to the public. The commenter suggests that if people truly want to save Archie, they should make the code freely available for hobbyists to run their own servers, as there is no profit

Author: theodric

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is expressing pride and fondness for their former school.

Author: jszymborski

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

Author: DamnInteresting

Num of comments: 3

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"Outrageously" priced weight-loss drugs could bankrupt US health care

7 hour(s) ago

The Senate has released a report warning that the high prices of new weight-loss drugs could lead to a catastrophic collision between America's obesity rate and its prescription drug pricing. The report suggests that drugmakers should lower their prices to match those in other countries, as the current prices could bankrupt the US healthcare system. Without a significant price reduction, Americans may face losing access to the drugs or paying higher overall healthcare costs.

Top three comments:

### The commenter suggests that instead of paying high prices for weight-loss drugs like Wegovy, people should consider buying similar drugs from research chemical companies at a much lower cost. They argue that if pharmaceutical companies refuse to sell the drugs at a reasonable price, it is morally justifiable to bootleg and distribute them at a fair price. They also mention that these weight-loss drugs are not regulated, so there is little risk in getting caught.

Author: A_D_E_P_T

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is questioning the impact of obesity on healthcare costs and quality of life.

Author: ungreased0675

Posted: 6 hour(s) ago

### The commenter suggests that the government could use 28 USC 1498 to manufacture a drug and provide reasonable compensation to the patent holder. They mention previous cases where this has been done, resulting in a decrease in the price of the drug. They also provide a link to the law for reference.

Author: Animats

Posted: 5 hour(s) ago

Author: psychanarch

Num of comments: 74

Score: 35

"Unprecedented" Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups

9 hour(s) ago

A major Google Cloud event resulted in the accidental deletion of a customer account and its backups, causing a two-week outage for an Australian pension fund. The incident was caused by a misconfiguration and highlights the importance of having backups with multiple providers. The affected company, UniSuper, had recently migrated to Google Cloud and faced challenges in the restoration process.

Top three comments:

### The commenter is referencing a previous post on Hacker News with the link provided, likely discussing a related topic.

Author: philk10

Posted: 9 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is expressing confusion or frustration with something being undefined.


Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is expressing confusion or frustration about something being undefined.


Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: duxup

Num of comments: 1

Score: 33

Zoraxy: Open-Source, All in one homelab network routing solution

3 hour(s) ago

Zoraxy is an open-source, all-in-one homelab network routing solution that is simple to use and suitable for most simple use cases. It features a user-friendly reverse proxy server, intuitive redirection rules, and a blacklist with GeoIP support. It also has a ZeroTier controller for easy setup of regional services and allows for unlimited nodes in your network. With integrated tools like Gotty Web SSH terminal and real-time analytics, Zoraxy offers a comprehensive solution for managing your network. It is open-source and welcomes contributions on missing functions.

Top three comments:

### The commenter plans to try out a new tool that is still in its early stages and focuses on basic features. They have already used other advanced tools like Caddy and Traefik, but are excited about the addition of a GUI to this new tool.

Author: AbraKdabra

Posted: 59 minute(s) ago

### The commenter is asking if the technology being discussed is appropriate for creating a virtual private network (VPN) with remote servers and home development machines. They are also questioning if the term "homelab" in the title suggests that it is only for local area network (LAN) use.

Author: waldrews

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

### The commenter thinks the tool is cool, but had difficulties building it from source and could only use the pre-built release. They suggest that more documentation would be helpful.

Author: wlopes

Posted: 1 hour(s) ago

Author: thunderbong

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Highway 1 to Big Sur Has Reopened

9 hour(s) ago

Highway 1 at Rocky Creek Bridge in Big Sur has reopened after a two-month closure due to a rockslide. However, the closure at Paul's Slide in Lucia remains in effect with no set reopening date. Visitors should expect delays and limited cell phone coverage and Wi-Fi, and are advised to download offline maps, use turnouts, and check road conditions before entering the area. The article also emphasizes the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Big Sur and supporting local businesses affected by road closures.

Top three comments:

### The commenter notes that many trails in the south have become overgrown due to lack of use. They express hope that volunteers will step in to clear the trails now that the road is partially open.

Author: iwontberude

Posted: 3 hour(s) ago

### The commenter is saying that they still cannot drive the entire length of the coast.

Author: xenospn

Posted: 8 hour(s) ago

Author: divbzero

Num of comments: 2

Score: 21